How we came together for 2016

In June  2015, Bishop Deb was happy to announce that the Detroit and West Michigan Annual Conferences voted to create one unified conference for the Michigan Area. But the decision to share a week of annual conference began more than four years ago.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 12.23.08 PMIn 2012, it was announced that the traditional dates of Detroit Annual Conference would be in conflict with the dates of General Conference in 2016.  A plan to share annual conference themes across the Michigan Area during the quadrennium was already in motion and so it was an easy decision to share the final year together.   The overarching theme, “Made in Michigan,” has celebrated the work of lay and clergy in four areas, represented by four words; INSPIRE, GROW, GATHER and SEND.  The focus of INSPIRE was the development of bold effective leaders, GROW on creating new spaces for new faces, and GATHER on inspirational worship and discipleship.  Our 2016 theme is Made in Michigan: SEND, a focus on how to send our people in mission.

This year’s Joint Annual Conference is our first united activity.  As we begin this journey together, we ask for your prayers. We trust that the God who brought us here will continue to guide us into our new future with hope, excitement and joy!


Michigan Area Team
Sara Cardinal

Sara Cardinal

Child Care Coordinator

Detroit Annual Conference Leadership

West Michigan Conference Leadership