Whether you like the comfort and convenience of an on-campus dorm room, or prefer to stay at a hotel, there are housing options to satisfy every preference on and around the campus of Michigan State University.

MSU Beaumont Tower

On Campus

The home for 2016 Annual Conference will be the Brody Residential Neighborhood of Michigan State University (MSU). The Brody Neighborhood is comprised of six residence halls that surround Brody Hall, where many of the neighborhood’s common services, including Brody Square dining hall, are located.

All residence halls in the Brody Neighborhood feature community-style bathrooms. The halls also feature the largest student rooms on campus and parking just outside of the buildings for those with mobility concerns. Brody is located close to the Breslin Arena.


Offsite Housing

There are many options for off-site housing in the Lansing Area. Discounted blocks of hotel rooms have been secured for those attending the 2016 Annual Conference beginning at $80 per night. RV hook-ups are also available in the area.  Click on the “Read More” button to see the list.



MSU’s award-winning culinary service at the Brody Square complex offers a wide variety of fresh, flavorful dishes in nine new food venues. Featured in the world’s largest non-military cafeteria are venues featuring made-to-order stir-fry, freshly made pizzas, smoothies, vegan and vegetarian entrees, made-to-order pasta, made-to-order Southwestern fare and hand-rolled sushi.  They also have a special kitchen to accommodate special dietary needs.