How to submit legislation to Annual Conference 2017

Our Annual Conference this year will be a combined session of the Detroit and West Michigan Conferences as we continue taking steps toward our creation of the new Michigan Conference of the UMC. The conference is being held at the Grand Traverse Resort in Acme, MI June 1-4, 2017.

The Design Team has a number of significant items that it will be bringing for our deliberation and action. So that we may have the most time possible for dialogue and action on these items the Annual Conference Program Committee is discouraging the submission of other petitions. At the same time we recognize that both conferences rules do allow for these submissions.   The deadlines and processes for submissions are provided below.

The Annual Conference Program Committee has outlined a process for discussion and amendment of the Design Team materials, and any other Conference business, in legislative committees/LEAD Groups as well as the Plenary Session. This process will allow for combined conference voting, and where necessary, the dividing of the Conferences in both the legislative committees/LEAD Groups and the Plenary.

We are trusting that you will be patient with one another as we process what we anticipate to be more than 200 pages of Design Team materials including such topics as Organizational Structure, Re-Districting Proposals, Personnel Policies, Council on Finance and Administration (CFA) policies, Conference Rules etc.

Should you have any questions please direct them to Nichea Guy, AC Program committee Chairperson, and she will see that they are addressed by the appropriate person(s).

We are looking forward to see you in June!

Bishop David Bard

Nichea Guy, AC Program Committee Chairperson

Marsha Wooley, Worship Chairperson

Joy Barrett, Conference Secretary

Diane Brown, Detroit Legislative Coordinator

Jerome DeVine, Detroit Director of Connectional Ministry

Benton Heisler, West MI Director of Connectional Ministry

Laura Witkowski & Nancy Arnold, Conference Coordinators

Mark Doyal, Director of Communications


Instructions to submit a resolution for the 2017 DAC session


Church members in the Detroit Annual Conference, including local church committees and conference units, may submit resolutions for action by the Detroit Annual Conference at the 2017 DAC session at the Grand Traverse Resort (Acme, MI) no later than Feb. 15, 2017.

The resolutions should follow the DAC Standing Rules as printed in the 2016 Journal – the motion should state the action requested of the Annual Conference, the rationale may not be more than 300 words.

Resolutions and any questions should be emailed to Diane Brown, chair of the DAC Reference and Daily Procedure committee, at



DEADLINE TO SUBMIT — Feb. 15, 2017



Via email to Diane Brown at

Please include your name and phone number in case follow-up discussions are needed. Deadline to submit is Feb. 15, 2017.


This year we are accepting resolutions for action by the Detroit Annual Conference. Please refer to the Rules of Order in the Detroit Annual Conference 2016 Journal, Rule I.B for details regarding submitting a resolution for action by the annual conference.

As a reminder, your Conference resolution must be in the following format:

MOTION: State your recommendation/proposal as concisely as possible. This is the action you are requesting the conference approve.

RATIONALE: Give supporting material and discussion. For Conference resolutions, the rationale may NOT be more than 300 words. The rationale will be printed to clarify or support the motion, but will not be acted upon by the conference members.

AFFILIATION: Include the name of the local church or church organization of which the signer is a member. If several members of a church, several churches or more than one agency sign or submit a resolution, only the name of the individual, church, or agency and the number of persons signing will be printed with the resolution.

The committee on Reference and Daily Procedure reserves the right to place documents in the required format, if necessary.

If you have any questions, please email Diane Brown at or call her at (734) 662-0469. Thank you.

The Detroit Annual Conference




Members to Annual Conference

Financial Policies & Budget

Financial Policies and the 2017 Proposed Detroit Conference budget are posted here.

Voting Items

All action items (resolutions, changes to the Rules of Order, changes to the Structure, changes to the Financial Policies, budget, Board of Ordained Ministry Candidates, and petitions for annual conference endorsement) and all pre-conference materials will be posted here by April 1 per Standing Rules.